Networking 101

I am taking an online course with RWA University on the RWA website. It’s taught by the wonderful Catherine Bybee. I love her books and I am delighted to see that she was teaching the course. I can’t wait to learn as much as I can to help boost my online presence. I’ve already started updating my Facebook profile and added a Facebook page for my pen name.

Next on the list of things to do is to continue writing this first book. Ideas keep floating in my head about Charlotte’s other friends and how their story will develop. Even though I have gain some free time since my toddler is now sleeping through the night, I seem to flit from many projects. Since I’ve been out of work (due to my employer going bankrupt while I was on maternity leave), I started a small home business for making pocket squares. On top of that, I’ve taken online courses from web design, to Adobe Photoshop, to Microsoft Office software, and then to author tools like the one mentioned before. And my other favourite distraction is the release of many new books from my favourite authors. Adding social media networking is just icing on the cake. However, they do say that the best way to write as an author is to continue writing in any form, and that would include blogging. I even try to dabble in some critiquing through Scribophile.

So far, I have 16K words and I’m on Chapter 4. Due to all the distractions, I keep rereading the earlier chapters to see where I think I’m going with the story. Hoping I can figure out a better schedule and efficient time management strategy so that I can get this book out of my brain by the end of the year!

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