Scent of Attraction

Book 1: Scent of Attraction
Part of the Sensory Overload series:

Charlotte Emery wants to get over her reliance on smells, which is an underlying symptom of her germaphobia, so that she can get intimate with a guy and finally be in a serious relationship, but the guy she likes smells weird, even though he wears her favourite cologne. He’s also a big no-no because he’s her client for a big gala that will feature her in her industry’s national magazine, garnering her exposure and great publicity for her event planning company.

After the last disaster of a relationship with his crazy pants ex-girlfriend, Max Roberts is done with relationships, but his platonic/pseudo romantic friendship with his gala coordinator is interfering with that sentiment. Her quirky obsession with his daily routine sends up cuckoo alerts in his brain that firmly wants to separate business and pleasure. But his heart wants to take a second chance on crazy.

Golden Rose Contest 2015

"'Scent of Attraction' will lure you in and not let go easily." —Colleen Ayles, Quiethouse Editing


Reviews:Colleen Ayles on Quiethouse Editing wrote:

I was intrigued from page one by the central characters and their love story. Charlotte and Max have a unique situation, and I rooted for them to get together the entire novel. Both Charlotte and Max have things they need to overcome before they can be together, but taking a front row seat to their romance is both satisfying and fun.