Putting My Imagination to the Test

There are many romance novel related newsletters that pop up in my email—with permission, of course. It’s always good to have many resources available, from webpage design to editing to book marketing to stock images. I was lucky to see that Romance Novel Covers was having a sale on their stock images. Even before the sale, the stock images are quite affordable at $10–$15, depending on the size of the image—it is important to note that if you can afford to purchase the larger size, do it, because I made the mistake of purchasing my images at the smaller size. I can use these stock images to design my webpage or blog. More importantly, I can use these images to create my e-book covers.

So, I purchased a couple of stock images that portray each of the books in my Senses of Love series. Then, I went to work on designing a new cover for the first book, Scent of Attraction. The previous cover looked too amateur compared to the many that I see on the published books I purchase. I wanted to go for a light and fresh looking cover with some color. I liked with what I came up with. Hopefully, there’s nothing else on the cover that’s needed.

Cover for Scent of Attraction

Cover for Scent of Attraction. Stock image from RomanceNovelCovers.com

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